Our Goal

To create a space that allows people to feel safe in their decision to make positive diet and lifestyle changes, and to enable them to achieve their chosen path to it, be it vegan, plant-based, or somewhere in between, without implying shame or resorting to negative reinforcement.

Our Philosophy

Diets have the power to create the changes we wish to see in ourselves and in the world around us. We are here to empower those in pursuit of positive life choices and embodying the spirit of mindful living.

Why We Do It

In response to the health crisis.

We want to rewrite modern medicine’s “get sick, get medicated” narrative by promoting the idea that a healthy plant-based diet is an essential building block to health and well-being and can keep people from getting sick in the first place.

In response to the environmental crisis.

We aim to override the current thinking around the meat-for-human-consumption model, which is not sustainable for the long term. We believe the simple act of purposefully choosing what we eat based on elevated ideas lets each of us to play an active role in a global environmental transformation.


The journey to plant-based living can come with turbulence. There are financial, health, and time considerations that many people fail to consider when starting out.

  • Financial Turbulence: we aim to help our members avoid spending money on cooking tools and other resources they don’t end up using. We explain how to prevent things like food waste and how to transition to plant-based or veganism most efficiently.
  • Health Turbulence: in order to go plant-based or vegan, beginners should be prepared for changes in energy and sometimes not feel quite right. We provide guidance on things like how to get enough protein, iron, and supplements.
  • Time Turbulence: eating more plant-based foods or going vegan can present challenges around things like traveling and work and requires careful meal planning.

PlantStand outlines the fundamentals of preparation to make plant-based living less time consuming. We are a business that actively curates and nurtures a heightened sense of awareness and well-being for all those who come into contact with it.


We believe that harnessing the power of wellness is a key step in alleviating the modern problem of “what’s the point”, or resigning ourselves to some foregone future, and that it starts with the food we eat.

Our mission is to help accelerate the movement toward a future we can all be excited in, a world not dependent on animals for our nutritional needs, one that finds joy in producing and consuming plant-based food, reducing human impact, and creating a new reality in which all life can prosper.


  • Encourage a cultural and personal awareness shift that opens up avenues toward fully plant-based living.
  • Seek strategies toward personal growth where living an authentic life is achievable and enjoyable.
  • Promote the idea that a sustainable future is possible with small changes in our behavior and outlook.
  • Operate a business that actively curates and nurtures a heightened sense of awareness and well-being for all those who come into contact with it.