High Protein Vegan Meal Plan Ebook

The High Protein Vegan

By Jess Faulds

15 delicious recipes with a minimum of 20 grams of protein per serving.

Get Up and Go Vegan Breakfasts

Get Up and Go Vegan Breakfasts

By Jess Faulds

10 delicious recipes to help you start your day off right!

Epic Vegan Soups Ebook

Epic Vegan Soups

By Jess Faulds

This is a simple, virtual e-book with 10 delicious vegan soup recipes by all the right bites!

Lenka Detox reboot in a week ebook cover

21 meals to reboot, nourish and gently detox your body

By Lenka Govender

Help to start gently detoxing your body one meal at a time.

Vegan Dinner Ebook

Vegan Dinners

By Rawnda Flowers

50+ healthy vegan dinner recipes for family and friends.

21 day smoothie challenge ebook

21 Day Smoothie Challenge

By Rawnda Flowers

No exercising!

Vegan Dessert ebook

Vegan Desserts

By Rawnda Flowers

100+ recipes. Delicious and colorful tarts, cookies, nice cream, and cakes.

Venokur Plant Based Eating

How to Transition To Plant-Based Eating

By Rachel Venokur

An interactive handbook to support you on your journey back to health.

The Vegan Ingredient

By Rachel Venokur

Includes 51 ingredients you may not know but should if you want to make your transition to plant-based eating easy

Lauren Bernick Cook Your Way to Health

Cook Your Way to Health

By Lauren Bernick

20 nutritious and delicious recipes to get you started on a whole-food, plant-based diet including salad dressings and favorites like lasagna, sloppy Joes, and chocolate cupcakes. Never feel deprived while you regain your health, lose weight, and age in reverse.

Whole Food Plant-Based Starter Guide

The Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide

By Theresa Sam Haugton

This plant based diet book for beginners outlines everything you need to know about eating whole food plant based—and addresses some of the biggest concerns, errors and myths that can hold you back from making the switch.

In The Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide, you’ll get the inside scoop.

The Foodie Bar Way book cover

The Foodie Bar Way

By Timaree Hagenburger

A refreshing approach to having food that loves you back, at your fingertips! Easily prepare plenty of options, accommodate insane schedules and keep the pickiest of eaters looking forward to the next meal! (Available as an Ebook and a full-color, 303 page, printed book.)

The Way to A Vegan's Heart by Heena Modi

The Way To A Vegan’s Heart

By Heena Modi

This eBook book contains all sorts of (savory) plant-based recipes. Most of them take less than 30 minutes from start to finish and the ingredients are readily available in mainstream supermarkets. It’s a great way to discover how easy it is to make plant-based food.

Heena Modi Just Desserts


By Heena Modi

The recipe book for any kitchen. This paper book is ideal for anyone who has a sweet tooth, those who want to increase their number of plant-based options, anyone who doesn’t eat eggs, those who struggle with dairy and the non-vegans who want to make desserts for their loved ones who struggle with dairy, don’t eat eggs, are making a shift towards eating plant-based and so on.

Shauné Hayes Fresh Healthy and Indulgent Eats

Fresh, Healthy and Indulgent Eats (NON-DIGITAL PAPER BOOK)

By Shauné Hayes

An intimate look into a decades-long struggle to lose weight, and a personal guide to how and what I ate so my diet supported my lifestyle, not kept me from enjoying it.

Some of my favorite recipes to I fuel my body, become healthier and, with regular exercise, to lose weight.

Vegan for One by Ellen Jaffe Jones


By Ellen Jaffe Jones

Essential strategies for the single vegan cook, including how to set up a kitchen for one, plan exciting meals and menus, shop for fresh produce, choose the right tools and equipment, trim prep time, and save money.

Kitchen Divided by Ellen Jaffe Jone


By Ellen Jaffe Jones

Tips for dealing with the many common food fights that arise in living arrangements where partners, family members, or friends who don t share their dietary persuasion. Sage advice for how to restore harmony, peace, and joy in divergent food relationships.

For Fork's Sake vegan book

For Fork’s Sake

A Quick Guide to Healing Yourself and the Planet Through a Plant-Based Diet (NON-DIGITAL PAPER BOOK)

by Rachael J. Brown

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies graduate Rachael Brown walks you through 10 days of transitioning to a plant-based diet, all while answering common questions about protein, shopping, and getting the family on board with a plant-based lifestyle.