Timaree Hagenburger nutrition coach

Timaree Hagenburger, MPH, RD, EP-c


Nutrition, diet and health information in the media can be confusing at best and dangerous at worst. Having someone cut through the marketing, dive into the science, and provide safe and effective recommendations with doable strategies, enables you to actually make lasting changes in your life to improve your health today and into the future.

As a plant-based registered dietitian, teaching at the community college level for the past 20 years, I have worked with thousands of people of all ages, from many different cultures, to achieve and surpass their health-related goals, (e.g. improving their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, digestion, and energy, losing weight and even eliminating the need for medications).

Being able to easily prepare plant-based, whole food that tastes great, moving your body in ways that feel great, and surrounding yourself with a caring community to keep you engaged, accountable and having a great time, are keys to creating a “new normal” that “sticks!”

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1:1 Coaching

We partner to move from “I should” to “I am doing it” and make the changes sustainable by navigating real life challenges as they happen, and adjust going forward “building wisdom”. I shed light on patterns and habits that no longer serve the happiest, healthiest, most energetic version of you.

Hagenburger health and nutrition course

The Foodie Bar Way of Life Community

This unique membership brings The Foodie Bar Way to LIFE, surrounds you with a supportive community that will stay connected every step of the way throughout your plant-based whole food journey (& beyond) and makes loving the food (and living a life) that loves us back… simple, satisfying, sustainable AND FUN!


The Foodie Bar Way book cover

The Foodie Bar Way

One meal. Lots of options. Everyone’s happy.

A refreshing approach to having food that loves you back! Easily prepare plenty of options, accommodate insane schedules and keep the pickiest of eaters looking forward to the next meal. Available as an ebook and a full-color, 303 page printed book.