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Shauné Hayes


Hi. I’m Shauné, and I fervently believe whole plant foods are the remedy for a lot of health problems. Having dealt with chronic illness caused by obesity, I started a wellness journey in 2017 and gradually transitioned to a whole food plant-based lifestyle.

I lost 100 lbs in the process and reversed previous issues connected to being overweight including rising high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, chronic arthritis, muscle fatigue, joint pain and infertility.

I am now passionate about empowering people with plant-based eating as a Certified Health Coach and plant-based nutrition educator and advocate.

My approach when working with clients is to educate, motivate and provide accountability as a non-judgmental support system. I help them clearly and simply understand how the body works and why a plant-based lifestyle is powerful medicine in reaching optimal health. I help the client to build healthy habits and then maintain those habits for sustainable results that last around these four pillars of health: Lifestyle (how we live), Exercise (how we move), Attitude (how we think) Nutrition (how we eat). We also develop simple, individualized plans that incorporate foods and lifestyle practices based on their needs.

My blog, “For the Love of Plants,” has fresh, healthy, plant-based recipes with an emphasis on whole foods which are foods that are as close to their source as possible. I also believe in the occasional indulgence, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth too!

In 2020, I self-published my first cookbook, Fresh, Healthy & Indulgent Eats, which gives a personal look into my weight loss journey and has plant-forward recipes for people wanting to incorporate more plants. It emphasizes plant-based foods but is not strictly limited to them. I also developed The Shauné Life line of spices — because life should be spicy!

Lastly, throughout my health journey community has been key, so I started a free plant-based nutrition community, All Kale the Power.



Shauné Hayes coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

I want to empower you to nutritiously and deliciously feed and fuel your body and mind.

You can make good choices for great health—and have fun while doing so!

While I take a holistic approach to wellness—mind, body, spirit—I do give particular emphasis on nutrition. I educate, motivate and support my clients to understand how the body works, how good nutrition is powerful medicine in reaching their optimal health and in taking action against serious health issues like high blood pressure, obesity, and more. Food is medicine.

Wellness is a journey and building habits and consistency will get you there.

I’ve learned what it takes to be an effective, supportive coach that doesn’t just tell you what to do, but instead helps you think about and build the best wellness solutions for you.


Shauné Hayes Fresh Healthy and Indulgent Eats


With this cookbook I want to:

  • share my love for cooking simple, flavorful, healthful meals
  • show how food has fueled my sustainable weight loss
  • show that food need not be complicated or restrictive while trying to lose weight
  • show that you can have your cake and eat it too!

This is not a diet cookbook. No meal plans or checklists. Just some of my favorite recipes that were, and still are, how I fuel my body. These helped me become healthier and, with regular exercise, to lose weight.

All Kale Power spice by Shauné Hayes


Spice up your food with my signature all-purpose seasoning. Trust me, it jazzes up more than kale. Try it on scrambled tofu or eggs, avocado toast, bagels, salads and more.

This seasoning is made with love (in small batches) and a special blend of onions, garlic, red and yellow bell pepper, celery salt and spices.


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