Mariquita Solis vegan empowerment coach

Mariquita Solis


Mariquita Solis is a Vegan Empowerment Coach who transforms the personal and professional lives of her clients. Mariquita spent many years in self sabotaging relationships that were detrimental to her health and self esteem.  Her mantra, “What is wrong with me?” has been replaced with “What is right with me?”  She spent more than 40 years in battle with herself working to silence her inner voice and power.

She fell into patterns of living her life for others and putting her needs last. It was not until she acknowledged the cries of her inner child that her life changed. She took back her Power and her Voice to step up for all living beings and Mother Earth.

Mariquita is a proud vegan, animal and earth activist. She is a Founding Ambassador.  Mariquita uses her voice to speak up for herself and animals. She has a two-year-old part chihuahua rescue, Louie, who she spends her precious time with.   She volunteers at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, Canine CellMates, and is the leader of Unity North’s Animal Ministry, Praying Paws.



1:1 Transformational Coaching

The Pathway to Vegan Peace and Empowerment

  • Identify New Habits and Behaviors
  • Identify New Skills and Capacities
  • Identify Support Structures
  • Provide Clear Steps and Accountability
  • Provide Course Correction and Build Unstoppability

VIP Day: 4 – 1.5 Hour Sessions

  • Clarify Coaching Outcome
  • Identify Barriers
  • Breakthrough to New Story
  • Mapping Out the Pathway to Vegan Peace and Empowerment
  • Next Steps
  • Follow Up Call


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