PlantStand is a hub created to bring about a frictionless gateway to the plant-based food movement through empowerment and community, a gateway to help people overcome the difficulties that arise with transitioning to a plant-based diet and to reduce the barrier to entry around this transformation.

We aim to help people find their path, without shame or negative reinforcement.

Our goal is to give people who have had difficulties reshaping their dietary habits in the past a way to enact real change and find a home in a plant-based diet, or to simply eat less meat if that’s the desired option.

PlantStand supports this growing community by providing a place online to be inspired, motivated and enabled. You’ll get access to ebooks, meal plans and other resources, along with opportunities to hire coaches and mentors who have proven experience moving people easily and efficiently to their desired lifestyle.

Our hope is to help connect and vitalize the plant-based community with an overall spirit of wellness so that it can continue to make its way into the popular cultural imagination.

Thousands of people have happily made the changes to adopt this diet, and are seeing the results.



In the winter of 2000, I began to feel some very strange sensations in my body that I discovered, after visiting the hospital, were symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was diagnosed a few weeks after.

Over the next dozen years or so I tried various therapies to help prevent future relapses of the disease, and even though they proved effective at keeping my condition stable, the routine injections of the medication and all the side-effects that came with it had me looking for a better way.

In early 2017, I began working with an integrative medicine doctor who educated me on the role inflammation plays in autoimmune diseases like MS. She told me inflammation can be controlled and even eradicated with a non-meat, non-dairy, non-gluten diet, which if used correctly might even double as a therapy to combat MS. It couldn’t hurt to try it.

The transition was difficult and plagued with false starts but with diligence and support I soon converted to a fully vegan diet.

Going vegan was one of the hardest but best choices I have ever made for myself. I discovered that a plant-based diet leads to better health, a sense of total mental and body well-being, and as an added bonus, a more sustainable food industry for a world looking toward an unpredictable environmental future.

I soon began to feel it was my calling to help others achieve this beneficial way of life. I’m now in the business of helping people make the sometimes difficult, sometimes complicated transition from a diet that revolves around animal products to one that revolves around plants.

I’m extremely passionate about the cause and am fully convinced the plant-based food movement will generate one of the most impactful changes in human behavior we have seen in our lifetime.

I decided to take it upon myself to help further it with the PlantStand project. I hope you’ll join me!