Feeling meat-eaters guilt? Here are 5 ways to kick your meat addiction

How to kick your meat addiction

“Meat-eater’s guilt” can be overwhelming and uneasy sometimes. But you don’t have to beat yourself up when you feel a strong desire to reach for a piece of steak or a bowl of chicken nuggets. It does not matter if you are plant-based, a new/long-term vegan or you are just trying to eat less meat, we sure have all struggled with meat addiction at some point and wondered how to kick your meat addiction in our healthy-eating journey.

You have to start somewhere, and a little cheat is okay. Life isn’t black and white and neither should your diet.

Owing to so many health risks of meat consumption, it’s important to learn how to kick this addiction. Here in this article, I’ve outlined 5 ways that assure guaranteed results to get rid of your meat addiction.

Be a Smart Shopper

When you recognize what you might call a meat addiction, by simply calling it out for what it is, you will no longer intentionally go to the butcher section.

All kinds of animal meat are sold at supermarkets, making them the major places where the dilemma of meat addiction starts. It is apparent that if you don’t purchase animal meat, you’ll not be found eating them, and as time goes on, you’ll get used to other whole food products, like whole grains, beans, tubers, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Hence, smart shopping will help you choose wisely when switching your meals from meat-based to plant-based foods.

Consume More Fresh Fruits

Fruits are lifesavers and super delicious. Opting for fresh fruits when craving meat is one of the best possible ways to kick your meat addiction. Fruits like pears, melons, grapes, and figs contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. Plus, fruits are also abundant in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Even on a day-to-day basis, studies have shown that the more fruits we eat, the happier, calmer, and more energetic we may feel that day and the positivity may spill over into the next day. Therefore consuming fresh fruits in large quantities not only enables you to stop eating meat but also boosts your immune system to fight off chronic diseases.

Opt for Whole Plant-Based Foods

If you truly want to kick your meat addiction you shouldn’t buy, smell or even go close to where meat is being cooked until you’ve fully gotten over the craving. Plant-based foods have adequate nutrients that your body needs to thrive daily. They are abundant in proteins that are made up of both non-essential and essential amino acids.

Plant-based foods are also a good source of fatty acids, Vitamin C, zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, calcium, and other micronutrients. Therefore, eating plant-based foods can help you in kicking off your meat addiction.

Stop Stressin’

A relaxed mind is a relaxed body. If you’re always stressed out or tired from a full day’s work, then slipping back into your old easy habit of eating meat is a near certainty.

It is no news that cravings for fast foods and meat-based foods increase when a person is stressed emotionally. Hence, stress should be managed in the best possible healthy way. Hanging out in nature, painting, singing, dancing, taking long baths, going on walks, doing yoga, and journaling are proven stress management techniques.

Rest Your Body and Get More Sleep

Getting adequate rest and sleep is very important for kicking meat addiction. Sufficient sleep aids In the proper functioning of your body system. It enhances your energy level as well as mood. It is a scientifically proven fact that insufficient sleep is strongly associated with junk food and meat-based cravings. Maybe even before you think you’re ready, start preparing to hit the sack. Engage your nighttime routines, put down the phone, close the laptop, make some tea and ease into sleep time.


Animal meat has been part of our diet for decades, and it’s definitely tough to get rid of this staple; but it’s not impossible. Hardly! Due to the numerous health risks linked to excessive meat consumption, we must do our best to limit meat consumption. By following the recommended ways mentioned above and utilizing the PlantStand family of coaches and creators, you can finally kick your meat addiction for good.

Vegan Recipe Developer, Professional Health & Nutrition Writer/ Vegan-Health Consultant, with 4 certifications in Health & Nutrition related fields, and over 3 years of experience in Vegan-Health Consultancy.
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